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The Beans


Our many varieties of sprouted beans are all healthy and delicious.

Adzuki sprouts have a sweet, nut-line flavor.  Crunchy when raw, but deliciously smooth when sautéed.  Add them to stir-fries, hash browns, even pancakes!

Alaskan Pea sprouts taste like fresh, sweet garden peas when eaten raw, whether on salads or as a snack.  They are also delicious in soups or Indian-style curries.

Garbanzo sprouts make a crunchy, satisfying snack or salad addition.  Try them steamed or raw with spinach or parsley and lemon, or add to tomato pasta sauce.  Great for hummus - no soaking required!

Lentil sprouts have a mild, peppery taste.  Make a delicious low-fat pesto or spread by blending raw or cooked lentil sprouts with herbs in a food processor.  Excellent in soup!

Mung sprouts, well-known as Chinese bean sprouts, are crisp and flavorful.  Add some to stir-fries, or sprinkle onto soups, salads and sandwiches.

Sunflower sprouts are a healthy alternative to dry sunflower seed for snacks and salads.  Blend with honey for a tasty, high-energy breakfast spread, or with lemon, ginger and soy sauce for a creamy Asian-style dressing.

Wheat Berry sprouts are chewy and sweet.  Sprinkle into yogurt, ice cream or peanut butter.  Cook into oatmeal or rice, or bake into bread.  Good in pancakes and waffles!

Soy Bean sprouts area a healthy addition to salsa, salads and soups.  Excellent for conversion to milk.

Sprouts are a great, inexpensive way of obtaining a concentration of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  They contain all of the nutrients found in the various fruits and vegetables.  Eating Chicago's Indoor Garden's sprouts is a safe way of getting the nutritional advantage of both fruits and vegetables without contamination and harmful insecticides.


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